Happy New Year!

Can you believe it?!!! Another new year is upon us. For many people 2016 was not a very good year. Personally speaking, I had a trying year, but I pulled through and now I am looking forward to what lies ahead in 2017.

12 Notes has a lot coming up this year. We have embarked on building the social network. I am hoping that we will be ready to launch by the beginning of March. It will be a fully fledged social network where people in music, no matter what capacity or level, will be able to connect, collaborate, nurture and grow.

We aim to get more artists on board this year. I have contacted numerous artists who like the idea of 12 Notes as a vehicle to showcase their work, market their brand and help them collaborate with others in the industry.

Phase 2 of 12 Notes will include:

  • a gig guide
  • events calendar
  • personal profile pages for artists, fans, teachers, students etc.
  • a blog where any member will be able to post articles and share stories
  • a classifieds section
  • Amazon Store, iTunes Store and our very own 12 Notes store. We will be selling our own products as well.
  • a business directory for companies in the industry to advertise their services and products
  • private messaging
  • an app
  • and many other features that will add value to the community.

So please support us by letting other people know about us, buying from our store, sharing our articles on your social media accounts and directing people in the music industry to send us their music and stories.

May 2017 exceed all expectations!


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