Jimmi Nolan – Soulful Sustain

Searching for artists to add to the 12 Notes family never ceases to amaze me. I have come across some amazingly talented people and I am so grateful I have had the chance to find them among the sea of talent out there. Jimmi Nolan is one of those that stand out, head and shoulders, above the great singers and musicians out there. His vocal talent, songwriting abilities and guitar musicianship is to be admired. This is a man who has dedicated his life to his craft and it shows. Jimmi Nolan is one not to be missed.

Adding to the unassuming voice of Nick Mulvey with the howling swagger of Paolo Nutini, Nolan’s ilk of dynamic folk floats in a cloud of soulful sustain.

Jimmi was born and lived in Melbourne Australia until he was nine. His mother’s unrelenting desire for sunshine and to be near her only sister was so strong that she up and moved Jimmi and his 2 brothers to the Gold Coast, leaving behind the young boy’s Father.

Like most teenagers, Jimmi struggled to deal with the challenges of life. Known amongst his friends and family to be a closed book, he discovered a way to express himself through his autobiographical soul-baring compositions.

Jimmi’s strong Irish family roots provided him with a strong musical backbone and upon finishing school he quickly established himself amongst the thriving South-East Queensland music scene. His strong emphasis on writing has seen him collaborate with many artists including ARIA Award winning band George.

After local success on his home shores Jimmi decided to fulfill his lifelong dream to travel the world. He took his brand of soulful folk to one of the world’s cornerstones of music – London. Landing his first gig moments after arriving at the Mau Mau Bar on iconic Portobello Rd, Nolan has proven his ability to seamlessly connect his guitar and powerful voice with the audiences throughout the UK and Europe.




Website: www.jimminolan.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimminolanmusic/
Twitter: https://Twitter.com/jimmi_nolan
Instagram: https://Instagram.com/jimmi_nolan


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