One World 1 Love – What the World Needs Now

One World 1 Love features members are Guylaine, Juanita Brundidge, Kailah and Rapper Mick for what the world needs now is love and put a little love in your heart below.

One World 1 Love releases new single What the World Needs Now Is Love

The purveyors of love and music known as One World 1 Love have released their new single, What the World Needs Now Is Love (featuring Guylaine).

The track has been published with a B-side, Put a Little Love in Your Heart (featuring Guylaine, Juanita Brundidge, Kailah and rapper Mick).

Both feature the skills of producer and musician Leon Haywood and were recorded at Haywood’s Sunnyside Recording Studios in Los Angeles, California. A return to the titanic goodness of the classic era of soul, What the World Needs Now Is Love is a single fans of peace, compassion and music everywhere will appreciate.
One World 1 Love’s What the World Needs Now Is Love is the newest rendition of the favorite penned by Burt Bacharach and Hal David in 1965.


There’s much more to this fresh take on the old pop single, however.

One World 1 Love delivers an authentic, polished soul sound of their own,writes the Rugley Records label on their behalf. They worked with some of the greatest entertainers and producers in the world. One World grew up swooning along with their radios, cultivated their silky-smooth vocals in their hometowns.

It wasn’t until much later that One World 1 Love would combine their talents for this 2017 release. Rugley Records notes that the group came together in the music studio, just as the band wants to bring everyone, all of us, together. What the World Needs Now Is Love is as much a mission statement for One World 1 Love as it is their most prominent release to date.

We can all come together with music,writes Rugley Records. One World 1 Love came together and recorded two songs in three major languages,

English, French and Spanish. One World 1 Love has plans to record their own We Are the World type of album.

They plan also to reach out to recording artists Guylaine, 5Cent, Rosie J, Judge Judy, Adele, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Lolo Jones, Nicole Scherzinger, Rashida Jones, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Juanita Brundidge, James Nelson and rapper Mick.

One World 1 Love is dedicated to music, world peace, love and raising funds for the relief of victims here and all over the world, now and forever.



Website – http://rugleyrecords.weebly.com





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