12 Notes is a website dedicated to music, musicians, music teachers & music students. We aim to promote everything to do with music, starting at the local level – from your homes, to your schools, concert halls, concerts, recordings, videos and everything in between.

We are dedicated to promoting the new and unknown musicians, singers, songwriters, educators etc.

We want to be a resource for anyone interested in pursuing music as a career or just for fun.

Our vision is to create and maintain an all-inclusive platform that prioritizes music and the people making music.

No matter an individual or an entity’s role in the world of music, we want to create a platform for collaboration, connection, creativity and celebration!

The critical elements that make up 12 Notes are as follows:

  • Music Blog (current format)
  • Social Network for musicians, singers, teachers, students and everyone else who is involved in the world of music (Phase 2 – currently in development)
  • Music Distribution to all online music retailers (Phase 3)
  • 12 Notes Radio Station (in the process of setting up)
  • YouTube channel promoting and interviewing people in the world of music

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