Advertise on 12 Notes

We want to extend a special invitation to you to partner with us as we serve musicians, singers, teachers, students, music managers, publicists, fans and enthusiasts in the music space no matter geographic boundaries, musical genres or cultural diversities.  In addition to established artists, 12 Notes will also feature and market unsigned and new artists.

Our vision is to create and maintain an all-inclusive platform that prioritizes music and the people involved in every aspect of music creation.

No matter an individual or an entity’s role in the world of music, we want to create a platform for collaboration, connection, creativity and celebration!

The critical elements that make up 12 Notes are as follows:

  • Music Blog (current format)
  • Social Network for musicians, singers, teachers, students and everyone else who is involved in the world of music (Phase 2 – currently in development)
  • Music Distribution to all online music retailers (Phase 3)
  • 12 Notes Radio Station (in the process of setting up)
  • YouTube channel promoting and interviewing people in the world of music

We offer the following ad types:

  • Banner ads – Header banners, content banners and sidebar banners. Banners are also displayed in our weekly newsletter.
  • Advertorials – Full articles/posts on your company or service. Articles must be submitted by you. These advertorials are marketed across all our social media platforms and boosted to reach a wider audience and also included in our weekly newsletter the week of or the week following the advertorial publication.

We invite you to be a part of this exciting journey of connecting the World of Music!

Opportunity to partner: We are currently seeking advertisers for our current website and with the option to also advertise on our online radio station once we launch.

For our advertising rates please email