Fazlyn Naidoo – WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!

Posted by 12 Notes on 29th October 2017
Category: Artists, Pop, Singers

I must admit that I am not easily impressed, but when I am it must really be for something or someone extraordinary. The only thought that came to my mind and word out of my mouth when I heard Fazlyn Naidoo sing was WOW!!! That’s it. This 12 year old, grade 7 student gave such a performance that the result was a jaw dropping WOW!!! Not just from me only, but everyone who witnessed

Tatyana is a Classical & Electronic composer and performer from Kiev ,Ukraine. She has a been composing and performing her unique style of compositions from the age of 4.

Tatyana has a reportoire of over 100 World class compositions and is currently working in the Butterfly Music studios. Her tracks are currently being played and promoted in many countries around the world on radio and top clubs.


Sierra Lauren – Bring Me to Life

Posted by 12 Notes on 8th August 2017
Category: Artists, Songwriters

In March 2017 12 Notes published an article on upcoming music sensation Sierra Lauren. That article garnered a lot of views and likes on Facebook and Instagram. CLICK HERE for the article. I was so glad that most of our readers overwhelmingly liked and supported that article on Sierra. Sierra as well was so grateful for the support. Here at 12 Notes we have been following Sierra and

Rachel Cousins – Awesome Talent

Posted by 12 Notes on 3rd August 2017
Category: Artists, Guitar, Singers, Songwriters

WOW!!! If you only listened to her voice and never saw a picture of Rachel Cousins you would never believe that she is just 16 years old. I am truly in awe of this talented youngster. With such an emotional connection to her music when she performs you can only imagine how far she will go as she gets older and more experienced. But that’s not all….watch the video of her performing her

Candice Dianna – Spine Tingling

Posted by 12 Notes on 2nd August 2017
Category: Artists, Pop, Singers, Songwriters

Candice Dianna has an amazing voice. A voice I love listening to. It is crisp, clear, big, bold and passionate. Her pitch is flawless, hitting the right notes every time. When she sings you can sense that she becomes one with the lyrics and music, conveying the message so accurately with such passion. You can’t help but stop and listen when those melodies flow from her. I only wish I had the chance to

Fation Çumani – Conceptual Artwork

Posted by 12 Notes on 2nd August 2017
Category: Artists, Instrumental

I am a huge fan of musicians. Being a musician and singer myself I understand what it takes to become skillful in your craft. The hours of dedicated daily practicing,  repetition of musical notes, the physical pain in some cases (I am a guitarist. Practicing does take its toll on your hands). This is not even mentioning the creativity and technicality one needs to create something new. When I hear the music of

Mz Sahfiyah is a 24 year old urban artist from the United Kingdom who’s sound is influenced by the styles of island music such as reggae, reggae-ton and dancehall combined with Latin house and hip hop. She has wrote music for various independent artists in various genres from rock to country to dancehall and hip-hop. Along with being a rapper/singer songwriter, Sahfiyah is a trained street, dancehall and belly dancer in which she

Jesse Ritch -Pure Soul

Posted by 12 Notes on 27th July 2017
Category: Artists, Pop, R 'n B, Soul

You have got to listen to Jesse Ritch. His songs are catchy, vibey and infectious. They just make you want to get out on the dance floor and move. I dare you to listen to him and stop yourself from tapping your feet or bobbing your head. His voice is clean, clear and hits the right notes every time. I really wish I could see him perform live. It just goes to show

Tahne Stillwell – Doing It All

Posted by 12 Notes on 25th July 2017
Category: Artists

Soul, country, urban, pop, Tahne does it all, and when she’s not performing, she spends her time in the studio, creating her own music, aided by a lifetime of “beating the odds.” Despite her upbringing in foster care in Wisconsin, a once troubled teen herself, understands the importance of music and its ability to heal, strengthen and empower.

“When life got me down, I found music. And when music wasn’t available

Enzo De Rosa is a wonderful musician, pianist and composer with an innate sense of both the beautiful and the tragic, the nostalgic and the hopeful, lending to a deeply sensitive interpretation of the material at hand. In addition, he draws from a vast traditional repertoire that is perhaps only matched by his own uncompromising creativity coupled with an infectious joy of music and life.  The end result is that his original compositions


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