Pitch Master Pro


Before you give up on the idea of being a truly great musician, there is one major point that you MUST know… Without a thorough comprehension of pitch, you will never develop musical intuition, that secret element which separates the greats from the mediocre.

It is this musical intuition which allows you to hear melodies in your mind and to improvise beautiful solos over chords. And whether a musician who has this ability realizes it or not, all of it rests on the skill of pitch recognition. It is the guiding force behind it all!

Unfortunately, up until now there hasn’t been an ear training software product which was focused on learning these skills in the shortest amount of time possible. The fact is that all other ear training methods out there are either too slow to learn, or worse… They don’t work at all!

But now with the release of Pitch Master Pro, you have a faster and more effective way of training your inner ear to recognize notes, intervals, chords, and scales by name! This software is light years ahead of anything else on the market. It is truly cutting edge!

To give you a quick example of the power of pitch recognition: imagine being able to hear a chord and know instantly what notes will sound great over it. Truth be told; it’s like having a secret weapon that others can only dream about!

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