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After you start using the Pure Pitch Method you will see a whole new world of musical possibilities open up to you. Not only that but you will be seen by others around you as exceptional and rare. Who doesn’t want to feel that boost of confidence? Below is a list of just some of the awesome things awaiting you.

  • Learn How To Name Any Note Or Chord By EAR!
  • Play All Your Favorite Songs By Ear! (I Love This One!)
  • Sing Any Note From Memory Without Using A Pitch Pipe!
  • Compose Songs And Melodies In Your Head With Ease!
  • Find Any Chord By Ear, Instead Of Searching With Your Eyes Or Fingers!
  • Know The Key Signature Of Any Song By EAR!
  • Identify Whether A Pitch Is Sharp Or Flat By Ear!
  • Hear Sheet Music Mentally As You Read It!
  • Improvise With Confidence, Knowing You Can’t Mess Up!
  • Increase Your Appreciation Of Music!


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